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Artist Statement

           My current work explores a desire to unveil the private spaces that lurk quietly around us. We are surrounded by an intimidating amount of information found in the lives of others that are sealed for privacy behind brick and mortar. While this exclusion from the public eye often carries assumptions of safety and comfort, there is always a possibility that the entities that dwell beyond our walls carry sinister intentions. I have a pervasive curiosity to cross the threshold of the unknown that these barriers create and peek at the limitless, unusual and even supernatural possibilities these spaces might hold.

           I aspire to build a footing for limitless questioning. This foundation will cultivate an underlying dread that ruptures the comfort of home by revealing the frightening possibilities of what may dwell in the next room over.

Upcoming Events 

September 23rd - October 28th

I am coordinating the exhibition "And Beyond: An Otherworldly Exhibition," an invitational show at You Are Here gallery.

July 29th - September 9th

Two of my newest works will be on display at the 5th Anniversary show at You Are Here gallery. 

November 3rd,4th, and 5th

Join my in Philadelphia for the Miniaturia Show. Shop from a full inventory of individual miniatures and shadow box art pieces.

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